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Company property in Spain


Your employees are the most important resource your company has!
It is a big battle for the most skilled and highly qualified workers. It is therefore more and more important to be an attractive employer with satisfied employees so that you can keep them in the future.

One of the tools is of course the salary, but the instrument that is becoming increasingly important is natural benefits.
Many natural benefits are initially taxable to employees, but there are exceptions, and one of the most interesting exceptions for employers is company owned holiday homes. 

For the employees, free access to a holiday home in Spain owned by the company is a very interesting benefit. 

Why will your employees appreciate free access to a holiday home in Spain?
Instead of snow, rain and cold people now want to enjoy swimming, sun and warmth and to experience a different culture, food and drink etc. Together with their family or friends. That food and drink are much cheaper in Spain of course means a lot, but the experience itself and being able to absorb energy from the sun means even more. To the Malaga and Gibraltar on Costa del Sol there are several daily departures from all over Europe every day, and round trip tickets can be bought quite cheap. 

From the airport you can be in the holiday home in 20-30 minutes, so the journey time is not much longer than traveling inside your own country. 
Another important aspect is the economic. A holiday home in Spain can cost 1 000 to over 3 000 euros per week to rent on the open market. If you are based on 2 000 euros and an employee uses the residence 3 weeks a year, this represents 6 000 euros as a benefit. it is 60,000. So it goes without saying that this is a great benefit for the employees and why it is so popular.

Why is a company holiday home in Spain such a good investment for your company?
Besides happy employees and making your company an attractive workplace with employees with greater motivation, loyalty and well-being, there are a number of other positive aspects for your company when buying a company holiday home in Spain. It is deductible for all costs, both acquisition and operation of a company-based holiday home is fully deductible under the Tax Act. Also, travel in connection with repairs or inspections on the property is deductible as a cost. Thus, you want to reduce income tax, it is a sustainable investment with a good return, and you may reduce the inheritance tax in a family business. With the euro on the way down and the market on its way up, it will quickly be a very good investment. When you give your employees access to sunny days at a leisurely pace in Spain, you invest at the same time in your own company's working capital. It's simply a smart investment.

HAGI Estates will help you find the right company holiday home and organize/operate it for you
A company holiday home is undoubtedly the best benefit you can offer your employees. But it's important to find the right home/homes for your business, and HAGI Estates will help you with that.

HAGI Estates is a partner with Cramer Law Firm. Cramer provides legal assistance in connection with the purchase and sale of real estate, and also has solid expertise and experience in tax, heritage, emigration and immigration, company law and more. With both Norwegian and Spanish lawyers in the staff, Cramer is the best partner for assessing legal issues, both from the Norwegian and Spanish point of view.
On the Costa del Sol you can use the company holiday home all year long, and the Marbella area is a very popular area. Here you will find sun and warmth, swimming and other water activities, golf, tennis and much more. Between December and May, you can even ski at 3400 meters in Sierra Nevada in the morning and under two hours later be swimming in the Mediterranean. We offer apartments and houses close to beach, golf, mountain, city and airport.

Organice/operate the company holiday home 
There is always some maintenance and inspection associated with owning a holiday home estate. Depending on your wishes, we will set up a tailor-made arrangement so that your holiday home is supervised and possibly maintained when you are not there. We can make sure that the accommodation is cleaned when the employees go home and that everything is ready until the next come.
If the holiday home is vacant for a few weeks or periods, we can offer professional complete rental management and thus arrange all tasks for you. That is to say, take care of the rental, make sure everything is cleaned and prepared, market the home, rent it at a good price and make sure your income comes in.

By combining the company holiday home for employees with rental companies, your company, in addition to having a very attractive benefit for your employees, can get good rental income.

Contact us and we will help you in HAGI Estates.

Sales@hagigroup.com +34 606 83 55 79 / +47 950 77 190

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