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1289247806_fuengirola.jpg (660 KB)Only 25km from Malaga International Airport is the town of Fuengirola – one of the most popular destinations on the Costa del Sol. Easily accessible by road, rail or bus, it is not difficult to see why this buzzing town on the Mediterranean is the number one choice for so many.

It is a rather large town, about 78 000 people live here. The area has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, with annual average temperatures of 18 °C and average summer temperatures of over 30 °C.

Previously, a tiny fishing village, but Fuengirola has now become a vibrant metropolis with character. Here you find many up-market tapa bars, good cafes and restaurants, interspersed with chic boutiques and other shops of interest, as well as fabulous beaches that makes it the perfect holiday destination. The main square, Plaza de la Constitución, has been re-designed but still retains its unique enchantment. It looks pretty especially at Christmas, when it is decorated with very attractive lights and ornaments. It is also attractive during the Fuengirola summer feria, when the whole town takes part in the annual street celebrations. A walk down the narrow, pedestrian streets leading off the main square is a voyage of discovery for the many visitors, who come across some of the hidden sEUROPEMEDITERRANEANSPAINCON_ESPCOSTADELSOLDES_000365FUENGIROLARES_000367.jpg (117 KB)ecrets and delightful corners of this friendly, Andalucian town.
Fuengirola is not just a beach resort with a busy night scene.

Almost everywhere there are bars and restaurants that cater for any taste and the further into town, establishments that the local residents occupy can be found.

A number of Ferias (Fairs) occur on the Fuengirola Feria ground and of note the main ones are the Fuenguirola Feria, the International Feria and Los Boliches Feria. The grounds are also home to one of the largest outdoor markets on the Costa. Fuengirola also has a leisure marina that offers plenty of trips and has a number of bars and restaurants situated there. Other tourist attractions include the Bioparc (the zoo), Sohail Castle and the Bull Ring.

Fuengirola has a train station and you can easily go to the airport or Malaga by train.

image_229815_jpeg_800x600_q85.jpg (80 KB)


One of the Fuengirola’s main attractions is, of course, its wonderful 7-8 kilometres of sandy beaches, stretching from the Sohail Castle to the west and Torreblanca to the east.


Fuengirola has all the amenities and comforts you need. Whether you love shopping, or looking for a good gym or municipal sports centres.

Fuengirola is one of the best shopping areas in this area of the Costa del Sol. The streets and side streets are lined with boutiques, high street and designer labelled fashions and local individual retailers providing a wide selection of choice. You also find some big, modern shopping centres here.

Rock-Port-Fuengirola-Malaga-Breakwater-Sand-Beach-265922.jpg (177 KB)WATERSPORTS

Water sports are strongly featured in this coastal resort. Here you can rent speed boats, jet skis, parasailing etc, or you can hang out at the cool Marina.


The areas of Los Boliches and Torreblanca are busy areas in their own right but offer a less fast pace of life. The high street and side streets in Los Boliches provides a gluttony of little bars, restaurants not only offering international drinks and cuisine but that of quality local produce and has its very own identity. A very charming area.

Torreblanca is very frontline orientated but not to the extreme of its neighbouring areas where sitting out enjoying a drink or a meal looking out over the Mediterranean is a customary act. Both of these areas have a train station.

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